Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jun 21, 2012

Valve Offers Free Copies Of Portal To Teachers

When I was in school, my favorite classes were the ones that took us to the computer lab. In grade school, this usually meant we got to spend time playing games like Oregon Trail, or Mario Teaches Typing. Video games never really made an appearance during high school, (except that once time we convinced our networking teacher that we should bring in our Xboxes and link them together) because our teachers didn’t really see any educational value in them. Thankfully, there’s a little company by the name of Valve that want’s to change that perception.

With the new STEAM for SCHOOLS initiative, Valve wants to put Portal, Portal 2, and Portal 2 Puzzle Maker in classrooms all around the US. The idea is to put a focus on critical thinking, and encourage students to focus on what they call STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). And anyone who’s played either game knows just how perfect these games are for the job.

Educators can sign up for STEAM for SCHOOLS by providing a bit of information regarding their school and subject being taught. Once approved, they’ll get logins for all applicable computers, copies of the games, and access to a variety of lesson plans, including Physics, Math, Chemistry, Game Design and more. Teachers can even submit lessons that they have created themselves.

If you know an awesome, tech-savvy teacher, I would definitely point them to the Teach With Portals page. And if you’re a student, then bug your science and math teachers until they sign up.


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