Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 19, 2012

Battlefield Armored Kill Gameplay Premiere Brings Out The Big Guns

The most recent DLC for Battlefield 3 is centered around combat in tight spaces. Whether you’re in a warehouse, or storming through an old fort, you’re rarely very far from an enemy. If this sort of gameplay has left you feeling a bit claustrophobic, then you might enjoy the next pack, dubbed Armored Kill.

EA released the official Gameplay Premiere for Armored Kill today, giving us a glimpse at just how intense these new maps will be. With 5 new vehicles, plus an AI-controlled gunship, you’ll see combat and chaos like never before. To fit all of these vehicles in, DICE had to craft some seriously large maps,  larger than any Battlefield map to date. To give you an idea of size, there will be up to 7 flags on PC conquest mode.

Also announced were a slew of unlocks and a new “Tank Superiority” game mode, though no real information was given about the new mode. This new expansion drops sometime this September. Check out the trailer below for the gameplay footage.


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