Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 16, 2012

Damon Baird Explains How To Survive In Gears of war: Judgment’s Overrun Mode

In the upcoming Gears of War: Judgment title from Epic and People Can Fly, the developers decided to change up the multiplayer aspect a bit. Gears 3 released with your standard “run and kill the other team” multiplayer mode, but it also brought both the Horde and Beast Modes which added some new flair to the game. In Horde Mode players controlled their choice of a COG soldier and fought against waves of incoming Locust. In Beast Mode it was the opposite – players were Locust infantry and attacked COG soldiers.

With the new game releasing a brand new multiplayer mode has been added that’s called Overrun. This is a class-based mode in which players will fight each other, choosing either the side of the COG or the Locust. Class systems have never been used in the Gears universe before, so this is a first. Some players were immediately turned off by this, while others are interested in seeing how it works out.

Essentially, each player will choose a character to play which will have their own class. Their class dictates their equipment and special abilities they can use on the battlefield. Baird, for instance, is an Engineer. He uses the Gnasher shotgun and can use his special ability to repair fortifications that have been laid down by the team. On the Locust side, players start out as a grub and then spend money earned to become a higher-ranking class.

If you’re still confused, Baird has taken some time out from repairing turrets to explain how the new Overrun mode plays out. Check out the video below to learn more.


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