Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 26, 2012

Dishonored Daring Escapes Trailer Reveals Ways To Disappear

In the upcoming steampunk first-person adventure game Dishonored there are many different ways to play. As the once-bodyguard to the Empress, Corvo, you’re gifted with deft fighting skills as well as paranormal powers to use at your beck and call. The main question a lot of the developers are asking is, how will you play the game?

A new trailer for Dishonored has just released called Daring Escapes. It showcases three different ways to high-tail it from the oppressive police that wander the streets of Dunwall. While flurrying and swashbuckling are both valid ways of dealing with enemies, there are easier ways around some areas that require a bit more skill to pull off.

The first way to escape we see in the trailer is The Long Jump. This skill is achieved primarily by using Corvo’s teleport ability Blink. When running, you’ll jump in the air, and while falling you Blink forward. This allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly. The second escape is Sleep Tight. This tactic uses Corvo’s ability to stop time along with his crossbow. The tactic here is to stop time, shoot the baddies with the crossbow (that has special bolts), and run away. Once time starts up again they will be knocked out cold, allowing you a clean getaway. Finally we take a look at Chain Posession. This skill does exactly what its name suggests. Corvo will possess an enemy, walk out to safety, possess another enemy, and follow the chain. This allows you to use your enemies to your advantage and make a quick escape.

I can’t wait for Dishonored, and if you haven’t seen this trailer make sure you check it out below. The game will release on October 9th, so it’s not too far away. Are you ready to put yourself behind Corvo’s mask?


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