Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 20, 2012

EA: Dead Space Needed To Be Co-Op Because It Was Too Scary For Singleplayer

A lot of players are still on the fence about the introduction of co-op play in the new Dead Space 3 title coming next year. Some players feel it will add a new dimension to the game while others think it will take away from the game’s core mechanics. EA has explained why the co-op mode has been included, saying that audiences and players found the last two titles to be too scary to play all alone. Let’s see, so a game that was designed to be terrifying was too terrifying for players. Well, better wrap it up and make some changes!

EA’s spoke with MCV about the new feature saying, “We were hearing feedback that they love the thriller game, but it was pretty scary, and the obvious next step was that they wanted to play with someone. So we introduced co-op into the game. The horror of Dead Space is still all there. It’s still true to its roots and no less scary, but people felt far more comfortable playing it with someone else than they did doing it on their own. Personally, I would rather go to a scary movie with my husband rather than sit at home with the lights out watching one on my own. We’re looking for that to reach out to consumers that perhaps were not open to Dead Space 1 and 2.”

Following this logic, I could easily tell EA that the Battlefield series focuses too much on modern-style warfare and I love fantasy, so please throw some dragons in. While we’re at it, Need For Speed has a bit too much racing in it for me, so if we could change it to include roller-blading that would be nice. Seriously EA? Does Visceral stand behind this too? It basically confirms that the co-op will drastically change the game from what we (hardcore players) loved about the game and turn it into something that Elmo would play. I really hope it’s not as bad as I’m assuming.


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