Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 30, 2012

Fighting Is Magic: My Little Pony Gets Violent


Surely you’ve heard of the madness surrounding My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic by now. It seems that it is around every corner, and sometimes lurking in places it ought not be. However, if you’ve ever had the urge to punch one of these lovable characters, then why not play a game where the point is to beat them up?

Now, don’t misunderstand, I love that show, and if you haven’t seen it, you can’t justifiably criticize it. However, I know that some people carry disdain for this pony-filled cartoon, so here is an out for you to get your revenge, and play nice with the other kids. It’s called Fighting Is Magic, and it is exactly what you think.

This is a fan-tribute indie 2D fighting game that was made by Mane6. This is the first game they’ve made, and it will be a freeware, non-profit project. Upon its launch, the six main characters will be the first ones you can play, but 11 more will come along in the free DLC updates. It will have four modes consisting of light, medium, hard, and magic, and should hopefully appeal to the more hardcore gamers as well as the casual ones. No word on when it will release just yet.

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