Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 23, 2012

Invincibility Exploit Found In Diablo III

Blizzard’s decision to require an always-on internet connection for Diablo III was met with much criticism from fans of the franchise. Of course, the company maintained that this would help prevent people from hacking and exploiting the game. Thankfully, this has held true, and no one has been able to find new ways to cheat. You know, unless you count being invincible a cheat.

Apparently someone has discovered a rather simple way to make Wizards invincible in the game. It’s done by using one particular spell, then firing of another right after. (No, I’m not posting the spells, as the exploit doesn’t need to be spread any further.) Once you’ve done this, you can feel free to roam about the countryside, slaughtering the weak without any fear of death.

The real problem here lies with the Real Money Auction House. Since death is no longer your enemy, you can power through any game mode and pick up loot faster than virtually anyone else. Blizzard is no doubt working on this already, but a fix can’t come soon enough.


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