Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 26, 2012

Notch Talks About Minecraft And Steam

When it comes to the world of gaming, there are two men two seem as though they can do no wrong: Gabe and Notch. Gabe (and through him, Valve) has given us Steam, Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, and more hats than you can shake a sandvich at. Notch, of course, became the hero of indie games, by making a small fortune off of Minecraft, which he developed almost entirely by himself. So why haven’t these two powerhouses combined forces to put Minecraft on Steam?

The obvious answer is that the world simply couldn’t take that much awesome in one place. However, the truth is that despite the fact that there are few technical limitations stopping him, Notch just isn’t ready to put the game on someone else’s platform.

“As much as I love Steam, I do somewhat worry about the PC as a gaming platform becoming owned by a single entity that takes 30% of all PC games sold. I’m hoping for a future where more games can self-publish and use social media and friends to market their games.”

He also mentioned that they’re in a unique position, being an independent company with a best-selling PC game that isn’t on Steam. He’s not quite sure what direction they’re wanting to take just yet, but didn’t rule out the possibility of the game showing up on Steam somewhere in the future. You can read his full response over at PC Gamer.


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