Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 4, 2012

NZXT Announces HUE RGB LED Controller

Not long ago I decided to spice up my workstation by adding some lighting around the edge of the desk. I picked up a (relatively) cheap strip of LEDs and affixed them to the outside edge. Now I can choose the color of my desk’s glow with just the press of a button. However, changing the lights inside my computer isn’t quite as easy.

NZXT recently announced their new HUE RGB LED Controller. This device can be installed in your 5.25” bay, and has three simple knobs. These are connected to a strip of LEDs that you will affix on the inside of your case. The knobs on the front panel control the color, brightness and pulsating effects of the lights.

For those interested in adding a little extra color to their chassis, this might be the perfect way to do it. The LED strip will be enough to completely illuminate the case, and the controller won’t add too much extra flair to the exterior. And at a price of only $33, I’d say it’s a bargain. Expect the HUE to go on sale later this month.

If you used to buy an incandescent bulb of 100 watts, you could switch to industrial led lighting that uses only 23-30watt range but produces 1600lumens output. LEDs burn brighter and for longer as they don’t burn heat to produce light.


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