Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 11, 2012

Sappire Announces 3 New Dual-Bios Dual-X Cooled Radeon HD 7850 Cards

If you’ve had your eye on a Radeon HD 7850, you’ll be happy to know that there are three new cards heading to the market for you to choose from. Sapphire has announced the release of two new standard 7850 cards, and a new OC Edition.

The first two cards feature 1GB and 2GB of DDR5, with a core clock of 860MHz and a memory clock of 1200MHz. The OC version will have 2GB of memory with clock speeds of 920MHz for the core, and 1250MHz for the memory. You’ll note that these are the same speeds we’re already used to, with the only difference being the inclusion of a 1GB model. You’ll also find Sappire’s Dual-X cooler on each of the three cards.

The other big news is that Sapphire has added a dual BIOS switch to each card.  This should allow you to easily overclock the card with little more than the flip of a switch (when the machine is powered off, of course). Finally, the last big change is in the outputs. you’ll get a pair of Dual-link DVI ports, an HDMI, and a DisplayPort. This is much more useful than one of each, plus two Mini-DisplayPorts as we’ve seen in the past. Unfortunately there is no mention of the FleX feature that we saw on the recent 7870 cards, which would allow you to use three monitors via DVI (or DVI + HDMI). There is also no word on pricing for the new cards just yet.


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