Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 27, 2012

Skyrim: Dawnguard May Not Be Coming To PC/PS3 Anytime Soon

Right now 30 day exclusivity window that the Xbox 360 has for the Skyrim DLC Dawnguard has just run out. So, with that being out of the way you’d think that Dawnguard would be showing up the PC and PS3, right? Well, apparently that’s not the case.

“We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you.” That little nugget of bad news comes from Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines. I’d be lying if I said that the delay didn’t bother me.

At this point it’s unknown as to why Bethesda is taking their sweet time getting Dawnguard to the PC and PS3. My guess is that the PC version is ready to go, but they’re having issues with the PS3 version and Bethesda wants to release them both at the same time. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon about what’s going on with Dawnguard.

UPDATE 8/2/12: Dawnguard has been released for PC, delayed for PS3.


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