Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 27, 2012

Source Filmmaker Videos Of The Week

Since the Source Filmmaker went into open beta, people have been churning out some awesome videos. Some of them silly, others a bit on the dramatic side. And of course, a ton of clips that pull audio from movies and TV shows. I’ve been watching a lot of them lately, and thought that I’d start posting my favorite clips from the week. Here’s what I’ve found this week:

Taste of Defeat is probably my favorite serious clip to date. It details the pain that we all feel when we’re getting utterly defeated in a match in any FPS. Set in 2Fort, creator PiefaceclownPrdctns uses slow-motion footage, dramatic lighting, and that gut-wrenching song from the Dead Island trailer to really set the mood.

In stark contrast to the previous video, Practical Problems is a much more upbeat look at the rivalry between the Red and Blue teams. Choosing to focus on the two engineers, you can see how things quickly (and comically) escalate between the two. What’s really interesting is that monkeyjunkie160 used a pair of Kinects to do motion capture for the animation. Very cool stuff.

Finally, Zip It pulls from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. It’s not a particularly long clip, but the mannerisms from each character and lip syncing are spot-on. Definitely worth a watch.

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