Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 10, 2012

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Is The Oregon Trail We All Remember

Years ago, you might have played a game called Oregon Trail. While you loved it to death, it could be a bit trying at times. However, that is now so far back in your memory, that all you can remember is playing it, and not much in the way of details.

If you would like to relive some of those glorious days without tainting the wondrous memories you had of the original game, then you might want to check out Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. While it’s not going to teach you as much about the lives of the 19th century pioneers, it will let you kill giant bats. And seriously, who doesn’t want to do that?

It is totally 100% historically accurate, as is shown in the video. It has very similar themes and graphics to The Oregon Trail, but it is definitely going to be a whole new game. You can get it for 800 MS points ($1), and it will be on Windows at some point or another.


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