Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jul 19, 2012

Tower Wars Is More Than Your Regular Tower Defense Game

Supervillain Studios has been hard at work on a game called Tower Wars. It does have tower defense elements, but it is much more than that. You’ll be challenged with real-time strategy and some good ole-fashioned multiplayer madness set in a steampunk realm.

In essence, this is tower defense meets tower offense, and it will be available this Summer for Steam and PC (hopefully it will be coming to console and Mac later on as well). You’ll have a variety of different characters that you can choose from to assemble your army. There’s the grunt who seems to be the low level minion, the sheilder who looks to have armor and decent firepower, and the Brute who will undoubtedly be the tank. Judging from the ending of the video below, there will be a few more characters thrown into the fray as well.

This game is currently in beta, but they are still giving out keys at the moment. Today there is a Beta Night event scheduled for 8:30pm where the devs will be playing and hanging around group chat. If you’re at all curious about Tower Wars, this would be a grand time to try it out, and have any questions you have about it be immediately answered. You can follow the progress of the game on the dev blog here.

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