Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jul 10, 2012

Valve Unveils Steam Greenlight

So you’re part of a group of developers who are creating the next big Minecraft, but you’ve hit a snag: you don’t know how to release your game! Sure, you could go with Origin, who’s promising that you’ll keep all the profits for the first three months, but let’s be honest, Origin doesn’t have that great of a user base. Now, Steam on the other hand, that’s a service that anybody could get behind! But how does one get on Steam in the first place?

Introducing Steam Greenlight! Steam Greenlight is a new service being run by Valve to give developers a better chance of getting a game onto Steam. The process is simple: First, the developer submits to Greenlight their concept information, or even playable early builds. After it’s placed on Greenlight the Steam community (aka anybody who uses Steam) will get a chance to vote on these different concepts and games, and place feedback for it. If Valve determines there’s enough interest, the game will then be made available for sale on Steam, once the game is completed.

Greenlight is meant for users to have a more active role in seeing what games show up on Steam in the first place. Personally, this is a brilliant idea and I almost wish it had been done sooner! Now developers and the gaming community will be linked ever closer together, which is a breath of fresh air considering how there are some developers out there who aren’t afraid to tell gamers to go screw themselves. Look to see Greenlight at the end of August!



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