Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 3, 2012

Battle Foam Releases Iron Kingdoms Messenger Bag

One issue with being a tabletop gamer, and especially a miniatures gamer is transporting all your gear from one place to another in between sessions. I’ve used a backpack all my life, and while mine is working its magic, it’s not the best tool for the job. Thankfully the guys at Battle Foam share mine and many other gamers’ pain when it comes to this, and they’ve released something that will help out.

The newest product from the company is the Iron Kingdoms messenger bag. This bag has everything you need to pack up your gear and get going. The large main pocket will fit the Iron Kingdoms Core Rules comfortably, or you could toss in your laptop instead. There’s an expandable zipper on the large pocket that adds two inches of storage space to make room for additional books.

There are plenty of additional pockets to store papers, thinner books, folders, and even an iPad or tablet if you’re using one. There’s even room to carry a foam tray for transporting your miniatures safely, and the best part is that it’s included when you purchase the bag. There’s a large pocket to store extra accessories and dice, and it’s divided to be able to hold different game cards if needed.

This new messenger bag is perfect for gamers who are on the move and have a lot to transport. Not to mention it looks pretty cool with the Iron Kingdoms patch right on the front. With the upcoming Iron Kingdoms books releasing and the availability at Gen Con 2012, this is a must-have for anyone who plans on tromping through the Iron Kingdoms universe. It’s available right now for $99.99.

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