Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 10, 2012

Battlelog Finally Lets You Change Your Loadout For Battlefield 3

Battlelog is one of the things I love and hate about Battlefield 3. On the one hand, it’s nice to have a web interface where you can look at your assignments, track your progress and a number of other things. On the other hand, despite the fact that you can look through all of your unlocked weapons and items, you can’t actually change your loadout. You have to wait until you’re already in the game to do this, which generally takes time away from killing enemies. Well, this oversight has finally been corrected.

DICE announced recently that you can now open up Battlelog and adjust your loadout for each class. The next time you enter the game, you’ll find that your loadouts have been updated to reflect the ones you set. What’s more, you can browse your friends’ profiles (or your enemies’) and copy their loadouts with ease. It just takes a simple click, and you’ll be using the same equipment as them (provided you’ve unlocked the same things).

What amazes me is that this seems like a no-brainer idea. From day 1 I wondered why there was no way to modify my loadout before jumping into a game. Of course, I’m still curious why I need to login to Origin, so that I can open Firefox, which will then finally open Battlefield 3.


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