Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 30, 2012

Check Out Phoenix Wright On The iOS This Fall!

When I had my Nintendo DS years ago, I’ll admit that I didn’t really use it a whole lot. You see, quite frankly handheld systems don’t normally hold my interest. The one game that I absolutely fell in love with, however, was the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games, and man did they provide hours of entertainment!

If you missed out on that franchise, however, you’ll get a chance to play the games yet again as they’re being rereleased some time this fall according to a press release by Capcom. The games are being redone in HD and being made with “responsive on-screen controls fine-tuned for the iOS platform”, as the original games were made for the DS (though the first Ace Attorney originally came out on the GBA, meaning this is a port of a port…). At this time, no prices have been made available, but you will get to play the first two chapters of Ace Attorney for free as a demo.

Also coming out with the game will be the free “Everyone Object” mode. With this little app, you’ll be able to send your friends various Ace Attorney catch phrases like “OBJECTION!”, HOLD IT!”, and “TAKE THAT!” along with an animated image. I’ll admit, if I had an iOS device bigger than my iPod Touch I’d be abusing the crap out of that app.


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