Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 27, 2012

Dead Island Weapon Mod Becomes Project Hell

Dead Island released to a swarm of zombie-hungry fans back in 2011. A lot of players praise the game’s open-world exploration and its first-person action focused on melee combat. Techland really hit their target demographic, and now the developer is working to wow the community again, this time taking some help from a major fan of their game.

Modder MZM created a very nice weapon mod for Dead Island that’s been keeping players plenty busy for some time now. Recently Techland picked up the mod and has decided to turn it into its own full-on game. It’s codenamed Project Hell, and it’s set to be a “hack and slash game in a dark fantasy setting.”

Techland set up a team to work with MZM on the mod in attempts to turn it into a working prototype. Right now the goal is to turn the group’s basic idea of “chopping monsters frozen by magic spells using two-handed swords” into its own game utilizing the engine Dead Island was built on.

Right now we’re short on details for Project Hell, which is understandable. There have been two screens released for the game so far, and it’s got its own little website up and running. Personally I like this idea, and if the group works hard enough we could see something great come out of the collaboration. One thing we know of is that Techland has pledged that they will not be running a Kickstarter for the project. How noble of them!


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