Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 24, 2012

Dies Irae Kickstarter

Sometimes you can’t help but get wrapped up in your game. There are those that only want to mindlessly hack and slash to the end of a game, but others play through their game as mentally enticed as they would be reading a book. If you want a game that is going to be emotionally compelling, then you might want to check out Dies Irae.

The explanation for this game is a bit lengthy, so I will leave it to the creator to explain:

A thousand years ago humanity raged war with one another; no longer able to hear the Goddess of Creation, Evangeline’s, voice. Unable to bare witness to the bloodshed of her children any longer, she took her own life. In wake of it all, humanity managed to destroy the only source of balance that held their planet, Gaia, together; the Phantatiom Elements. Effectively bringing about Dies Irae. As the world crumbled, a mysterious savior appeared, known only unto the world as ZION within histories pages. He created a seventh Phanatiom Element known as Memory, which stood alone as a pure source of harmony and balance for the planet; ultimately becoming known as the Heart of Gaia.

As time passed, the remnants of the shattered elements, kept alive through the Memory Phantatiom Element, attached themselves to human souls; evolving as they did. Until eventually they were restored to a fully crystallized substance within the humans. Thus, effectively granting humanity the powers of the six Phantatiom Crystals.

Now, in the current Era of Peace and Prosperity; an evil is lurking from deep within Gaia’s forgotten memories. The only hope of reversing the contamination being dealt to the Heart of Gaia, is a young orphan who is the vessel for the Reborn Goddess Evangeline.

Join Esther Keshet in a journey that will not only change her; but the entire world around her. Travel around the massive world known as Gaia; filled with dungeons and countless places to explore. Travel to each of the six massive kingdoms and master all six elements in hopes of saving the world from this mysterious enemy.

This game will be over forty hours of classical RPG, but it needs a little help getting off the ground. Putting in a mere $15 will get you the game once it’s all finished up, and $20 could have you looking at an NPC named after you. This will also include an invite to all beta testing. If you want to be a part of this endeavor, go here.


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