Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 31, 2012

Dimentium II Crossing Over To The PC

I only owned a Nintendo DS for a short amount of time, but that didn’t mean I skimped out on all the crazy games for the handheld. Of all the ones I played I distinctly remember a super creepy title that gave me chills. You see, I’d like to say I am a connoisseur of scary games which means I’ve played quite a handful of them. The title I speak of here is Dementium.

Dementium is a game that tells the story of a man named William Redmoor who has an operation on his brain. The doctor realized that William’s mind is in danger, so he implanted nightmare dreams where William had to fight back to keep his mind safe. It was an incredible game for the handheld device and it even went on to see a sequel. That sequel, Dementium II, is now making its move to the PC.

Dementium II is being developed by Memetic Games and published by Digital Tribe. There’s some speculation on how the game will perform given that the DS’ resolution is much different and the way it used the touch screen could see an issue through translation. I don’t know exactly how the game will work, or when we’ll get to see it, but I do know I want this game on my PC right now. As more information releases from the doors of Bright Dawn Treatment Center, we’ll make sure to post it.


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