Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 14, 2012

Dungeons & Dragons Rise of the Underdark – D7D’s Future At Gen Con 2012 [Gen Con 2012]

This week at Gen Con 2012 fans of Dungeons & Dragons will be able to explore the nefarious drow race in the game’s current Rise of the Underdark campaign. They’ll also get to see what’s in store for the future of the tabletop role-playing game during the event.

Wizards of the Coast will be at the event in full-swing, showing off their latest wares at their booth and fans are invited to awaken the darkness as they dive into the D&D Experience – a series of eight unique locations that are thematically tied to the drow city of Menzoberranzan. There they can participate in plenty of D&D events and activities. The coolest part about this is that you can pick up specialized drow dice through your exploration!

Wizards will also be hosting their first-ever D&D Keynote on August 16th, detailing what to expect with future installments of the game.

To help you in your travels into the Underdark, here’s a listing of where each event can be found, along with what it entails, in order to pick up your special dice:

  • The Bazaar – Hub of Information and Commerce (Dungeons & Dragons Booth #1401)
  • Arach-Tinilith – Seminars and Performances (Room 139)
  • Narbondel – D&D Lounge/Activities Room (Room 138)
  • Sorcere – D&D Next Introduction & Character Creation (Room 137)
  • The Clawrift – D&D Next Adventure (Room 136)
  • Melee-Magthere – Dungeon Command Miniatures Skirmish Game (Room 135)
  • West Wall – “Dawn of Night” 4th Edition Adventure (Room 134)
  • The Mantle – Organized Play Events (Marriot Ballroom; Marriot Hotel)

At the “Bazaar” booth players can take photos withLolth, the spider queen, and Drizzt D’Urden. Some fan-favorite D&D authors will be in attendance as well, so you can stop by for a meet-and-greet. If you’re headed up to Gen Con this week make sure you have time to check out what is coming up for Dungeons & Dragons in the near future. Besides, who wouldn’t wanna take a photo with Lolth? She may be an evil half-woman, half-spider, but she’s 100% hottie.

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