Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 15, 2012

Final Fantasy VII Is On PC For Realsies

We’ve known for some time that Final Fantasy VII would return to PC at some point. Not too long ago, it was accidentally put up for sale on the Square Enix store, but was quickly pulled. Those who did manage to buy the game in the brief period it was up were displeased to find that it wasn’t playable.

Thankfully we now see a follow up to that whole ordeal. Looks like FFVII is now available on the game’s page. It will only cost $11.99, but is seeing a discounted price to commemorate the re-launching of the game. This will have you paying $9.99 for the game you know and love.

There are tons of new features, including achievements, character boosters, and cloud saving to let you pick up on your journey wherever you are. It’s time to reminisce with your old favorite.



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