Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 16, 2012

Finally – Castle Crashers Is Coming To The PC!

One of the biggest and most fan-appreciated titles in gaming, Castle Crashers, will be making its move to the PC platform. Tons of players have been asking for this and their moment to shine has finally come. This brawler RPG from The Behemoth will be showing up on Steam very soon.

Castle Crashers first hit the market on Xbox Live Arcade back in 2008. Don’t let the game’s age fool you though, it’s one of the best-running titles on the platform yet. Full of crazy antics and in-your-face action, Castle Crashers has picked up and maintained an immediate following.

The Behemoth’s own Dan Paladin announced this wonderful news via a poem. Yeah, that’s right – a badass poem:

While BattleBlock has been churning,
there’s another wheel turning!
And that wheel is Castle Crashers running on Steam!

It was accomplished by utilizing one of our programming teams!
We always liked this platform so it’s kind of a dream!

I’d say a release date but the future’s unknown.
If I make a mistake I shall never atone.

If you’re in Germany this weekend please say hi to John.
He is at Gamescom.

Castle Crashers on Steam will feature plenty of goodies, including:

  • Integrated voice chat
  • Gamepad support
  • Steam Cloud support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Local and Online Multiplayer
  • Over 30 levels and five arena modes
  • Over 25 unlockable characters and over 40 weapons
  • Experience system that allows you to level up your characters and tweak Strength, Agility, Magic, and Defense
  • Insane Mode: the ultimate campaign challenge
  • Animal orbs: adorable companions to follow you on your journey

There hasn’t been a set release date for the PC port of the game yet, but it looks like The Behemoth is really giving it some care. The game will debut at GamesCom this week, but PAX Prime attendees will be able to check it out at the event later this month.


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