Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 7, 2012

GTA III Gets Modded To Run On GTA IV’s Engine

Whenever we play a new game, we’re generally impressed with the graphics. Or at the very least, we don’t think they’re terrible (unless they actually are). However, if we go back and play that same game a decade later, we quickly realize how low our standards were back then. That’s why some companies have started releasing HD versions of classic games.

Some people are too impatient to wait for developers to officially update a game to better graphics, so they take matters into their own hands. That’s exactly what happened with a group of people who wanted to see Grand Theft Auto III in a better light.

Below you can see the trailer for what the team has called Grand Theft Auto III Rage Classic. Essentially they have taken the classic GTA and modded it to play on the RAGE engine (which is the one used for GTA IV). The mod isn’t finished, but they are hoping to have a demo released soon.


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