Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 13, 2012

Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle

There comes a time in all of our lives where we run out of games to play. Well, that doesn’t really happen, but we do get bored of what’s currently in the cabinet, and want a change of pace. If you want to play a few new games, and only pay a couple bucks, you’ll be happy to know that Indie Royale has a Gone Fishin’ Bundle at the moment.

There are six games on the bundle, and if you pay $8, you can also get the Pocustone album by Floex. One of the games you’ll get is SOL: Exodus, in which you’ll have to fly and fight your way through space to save mankind. All Zombies Must Die! Will have you fighting your way through swarms of the undead, while Cubemen is a fast-paced 3D tower defense combined with real-time strategy.

Squids is an RPG combined with action strategy in which you fight crabs, shrimp, and find and destroy the source of an infectious black ooze. Platformance: Castle Plan has you on a quest to save the princess (sounds familiar, right?) on a platforming extravaganza, and Platformance: Temple Death will put you through a platforming game that feels reminiscent of Indiana Jones. The current asking price is only about $5.50, and you only have about 7 days left to hop on this.


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