Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 24, 2012

Knights Of The Old Republic II Hits Steam (Finally)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic is easily considered one of the best Star Wars RPGs around. Originally released for the Xbox back in 2003, the game was later ported to the PC, and has been available on Steam for a few years now. What’s curious is that its sequel has been absent from Valve’s popular client.

With no real fanfare, KotOR was finally released yesterday on Steam for just $10. It doesn’t appear as though any changes have been made to the game, so no fixes for some of the bugs that have been reported on the PC over the years.

One of the biggest questions is why it took so long for this game to hit Steam. Aside from The Old Republic, this was one of the only games not to be sold on Steam until now. Either way, it’s good to finally complete my collection.


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