Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 13, 2012

New Darksiders II Inside Video Goes Over The Loot System

Something that sets Darksiders II far away from its predecessor is the game’s loot system – a unique system where enemies have a percentage rate of dropping actual gear and items. In the first game there wasn’t anything like this, as what equipment you got through the game was all dictated by the storyline. You could level up War’s main weapons – like the Chaoseater and Death’s Scythe, but that was about it.

In Darksiders II players will be able to find plenty of weapons and armor that they can equip. Some armor and weaponry will boost Death’s stats, while a percentage of it will carry unique bonuses like elemental damage, heath regen, or wrath regen. These items can be picked up through chests, or dropped from enemies throughout the game world.

One of the coolest things about the loot system is that whatever you pick up and equip will actually change Death’s appearance. The problem with a lot of the games that use this system is that while the gear looks cool in your inventory screen, it doesn’t actually show on the character model. Vigil is taking this idea to new heights with offering plenty of different armor/weapon combinations to choose from. Take a look at the Prima Insider video below, and make sure you’re ready for Darksiders II – it releases tomorrow!


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