Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 16, 2012

Orgarhythm On PS Vita Will Make You Use Strategy That Moves To The Music

Some games are confusing as all get out when you first hear about them. Of course, once you get your hands on them, they’re easy as pie. It seems as though Orgarhythm is one of those games, and it will be coming to PS Vita soon.

Now, explaining this game is going to be a bit difficult, as it has a weird storyline, an unconventional approach to a rhythm game, and makes you choose what you’re going to do quickly. The video I picked to exemplify this game will give you a look into some gameplay, but it’s still going to take some deconstructing of what you’re looking at.

The game is following two brothers, one of creation, and one of destruction that have just landed themselves on a whole new world. After settling there, they start creating tribal followers who have different abilities based on their color. The brother who is all about breaking everything sets out to thwart anything his brother builds, which obviously leads the brother to battle to stop all that nonsense.

The controls are as thus:

  • Tap the God of Light – This will bring up the first set of command icons.
  • Select one of the groups of your color-coded minions
  • Select an attack – Strikers, Archers, Catapults, Sacrifice
  • Then, drag your finger on the screen to send your troops off in that direction
  • So: tap-tap-tap + drag

There will be various catchy tunes playing in the background that will be your guide for when to tap-tap-tap. It does have a bit of a Pikmin feel as you’ll be sending out troops to fight creatures, and different types of tribal minions will be better against different types of monsters. From there you can slow motion dance step through the game and orchestrate death for all those in your path.


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