Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 15, 2012

Origin Will Be Coming To A Mac Near You

While a lot of people may be using Origin, Steam is still taking the cake as far as users go. EA COO Peter Moore may have said that over 21 million users have signed up for this service, but that doesn’t mean they’re using it. Currently Origin has over 500 games from more than 50 publishers, but that’s not the exciting bit.

Looks like this service is going to be available to Mac users sometime this year. Specific dates weren’t given, but the fact that it’s happening is still pretty awesome. It’s not that I’m even going to use it when it becomes available, it’s more that this is progress for Mac users.

Steam hasn’t been able to really capitalize on Mac users just yet, so it seems fitting that Origin would try and go for the grab. This is happening because of platform improvements, which will feature the use of achievements and putting in free-to-play games. The most interesting thing about this announcement is that Origin will also bring digital distribution to Android and Facebook as well.


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