Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 1, 2012

Payday: The Heist Gets Wolfpack DLC Via PSN Next Week

Frantic money-grubbing shooter Payday: The Heist is getting its first piece of downloadable content on the PSN next week. This content will be called Wolfpack and will release on August 7th. Now you’ll be able to work with your gun buddies to take on even more missions than before.

Wolfpack introduces two never-before-seen epic heists – Undercover and Counterfeit. Undercover has players fighting back the police who are interrupting a back alley deal, while Counterfeit forces players to use silenced weapons to keep civilians from escaping an underground money printing ring. If any of them makes it out to daylight and tips off the fuzz, the whole gig will be blown.

There will also be new weapons and crewmembers to help make your job as clean as possible. Both of the new heists require some higher skills, but you’ll be reaping much higher payouts. Here’s a breakdown of the new DLC and what to expect:

  • New Weapons – A new auto-handgun, assault rifle, grenade launcher, and deployable sentry will be available in-game.
  • New Character – The Technition will be joining the crew, based off the character Wolf. This character can use a tool kit and sentry-gun to help get the job done and provide some protection.
  • Easy Access – The new missions can only be hosted if you own the DLC, but any of your friends can join as long as they have the original game.
  • No Limits – All-new Trophies and a raised level cap will add more playability to the game, and plenty to brag about.

The Wolfpack DLC will be available next week for $9.99. Make sure you grab it quick, you’ve got plenty of scores waiting on you!


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