Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 14, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Pushed Back A Month

Bad news if you’ve been looking forward to Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers franchise. Citing a need to “spend more time polishing and tuning the game”, Sony announced in its blog that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be delayed. Instead of being released on October 23rd, the game will now be hitting store shelves on November 20th.

Besides the extra polishing and tuning of the game, Sony is also saying that the reason for the delay is so that they can incorporate suggestions they’ve received from beta testers. In the end, though, it’s their “greatest desire to put this game into the hands of (their) fans as soon as possible”. We’ll just have to see if the month will be worth the extra wait!

Luckily for Sony All-Stars is still going to come out in time for the critical holiday season. With its plethora of characters to play and fight with, this isn’t going to be a game that many people are going to pick up on opening day for the story like they would with Mass Effect 3 or something. Instead, this game is going to make its money from parents buying their kids their Christmas gifts, and I got a feeling that it’s going to be under quite a few trees come December 25th…


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