Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 16, 2012

Review – EVGA GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked

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Four months ago, Nvidia launched the first of their Kepler-based graphics cards. The GTX 680 was crowned the fastest single-GPU card on the market, and still holds the title to this day. However, not everyone it looking to drop $500 on a video card. The GTX 670 was released back in May, and brought a nice balance of price and performance. However, the sweet spot that most gamers seem to be looking for is the successor to the popular 560 Ti. Today, that wait is over.

Today, Nvidia has officially unveiled the GTX 660 Ti. Built on the same GK GPU that’s used in the 670 and 680, you can expect it to pack quite a punch. In fact, it contains 1344 CUDA Cores, the same number found in the GTX 670. The real difference lies in the memory interface. This has been reduced from 256-bit to 192-bit. You’ll also note that the TDP has been reduce from 170W to 150W. Otherwise, the 660 Ti appears to be identical to the 670. You can see a comparison of features below.

As you can see, the price drop for that narrower memory bus is $100. This puts the 660 Ti in the same $299 price bracket as AMD’s Radeon HD 7870. In a little bit, we’ll see how the two cards stack up against each other.

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