Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 21, 2012

RockStar Teases With New GTA V Screens

Rockstar is one of those companies that gets a special kind of joy from teasing gamers. After all, the announcement for Grand Theft Auto V was little more than a teaser trailer. Well today we’ve got our next glimpse at the next installment of the franchise. Don’t expect too many details, though.

The company recently released three images from the game, which do little more than get us excited, and show us how beautiful the game should look. The first has you looking at the rear-end of a biker as they head toward what appears to be the Santa Monica Pier. Next is a Cheeta sitting (drifting?) in the middle of a street, while the final image is a man in a suit flying high above the city in a fighter jet.

No details accompanied the pictures, except that we should expect more to come this week. Hopefully that means we’ll get some idea of when to expect the game to release. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though.


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