Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 6, 2012

Shadow Era At Gen Con 2012 [Gen Con 2012]

According to an email that was sent out by the Shadow Era team, the game will be making its appearance at Gen Con 2012 next week. At first many thought that the team wouldn’t be there, due to Wulven Studios not showing a booth on the official map of the convention. In the email we’re told that the entire design team will be in appearance this year at Gen Con 2012, and there will be booster drafts, meet and greets, and chances to win some awesome prizes.

Shadow Era has kicked off their physical card prints so players can actually play the game outside of its original digital form. Wulven Studios has been working hard to get the cards into print at fan request, and the time has finally arrived. The first set is titled Call of the Crystals, and it’s got plenty of new cards as well as familiar favorites from the game.

Shadow Era made its debut on PC and the iOS as a digital card game. It’s plenty of fun and totally free-to-play. Players start out by choosing a starter deck based on different classes, for instance there’s a mage deck, a rogue deck, a warrior deck, and many more. Players have a Hero that serves as the deck’s commander of sorts, and the first player who has their Hero drop to zero health loses. Each player can play abilities, equipment, and allies in order to bolster strength and create a strategy to bring down their opponent. Battles are fierce and calculated, and it will take a strong-witted player to emerge victorious.

On top of this, Wulven has announced that in-game packs now have a 1 in 5 chance of producing a digital foil. This is a new way to show off to your opponents, and what better way to do that than by producing a shiny? If you haven’t tried out Shadow Era, go ahead and download it. It’s free and tons of fun. If you like what you see, be sure to check out the game and pick up some physical cards at Gen Con next week!


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