Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 8, 2012

SSX Adds 2 New Modes Along With Price Drop

If EA Sports’ SSX is starting to get a little stale for you, I have some good news! EA announced yesterday that they are adding two new games modes for free. The update is already available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

The first mode is called “3-2-1-Go!”, and is actually subdivided into two different modes: Trick it and Race it. 3-2-1-Go! Race event is simple: you race against 5 other people and you try to be the first person to the finish line. Trick events are a little different, where again you are competing against other players simultaneously, but this time there is a countdown counter involved. It seems that you don’t need to finish first to win, but rather you need to score as many points as possible with tricks and make sure you cross the finish line before the countdown reaches zero.

The other mode is Freeride, which will be a single player experience. The mode is exactly what it sounds like: no rules, no clock, no nothing. It’s just you riding down the mountain in whatever way you see fit. For those of you who are intrigued by these new modes, or just interested in the game in general, EA has actually dropped the price of the game to $39.99, so now is a perfect time to pick it up! Just remember, though, that this game does use an Online Pass system, so if you want to get the full multiplayer features of game you’ll need to either purchase a new copy (which comes with an Online Pass key inside) or you need to purchase an Online Pass online for $10 and use it on your Xbox Live or PSN account.


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