Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 29, 2012

Start Off Your Day With This Epic Skyrim Dawnguard Battle Video [Net Loot]

We’ve seen some impressive Skyrim mods as well as fan-made videos showing off sheer talent since Bethesda released their blockbuster hit. In some of these mods we’ve seen armies of children, gigantic monsters, and even a pimped out car that you can drive. In the way of videos we’ve been shown some epic Skyrim raps, massive battles, and a recreation of the immense battle from the movie 300.

The creator of that last video I mentioned is back at the editing table and this time he’s got some footage including features from the recent Dawnguard DLC for the game. Entitled “Great Battle of Dawnguard,” the video showcases some wicked creatures standing off against knights and cavaliers. There’s plenty of demons, ghouls, and lightning to fill your fancy.

The editing is very well-done and the voice acting isn’t horrible. Tyrannicon really pulled out all the stops with this project. It’s about fifteen minutes long and full of action. Make sure you watch to the very end, or you’ll miss out on some busted skulls. Get those pop tarts ready and start your day off with some carnage.


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