Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 31, 2012

Steam Greenlight Is A Go

Earlier this year, Valve announced a new way to help smaller companies get their games onto Steam. See, many independent developers look to Steam as a platform for selling their games. Unfortunately, not all of those games are up to par with Valve’s standards. Thus, Steam Greenlight was born, giving users a chance to pick which games will make it onto the store.

Yesterday, the company officially gave the green light to this new program, taking it out of beta. You can now head over to the Steam Greenlight page, and check out upcoming games. You’ll be able to see descriptions, look at screenshots, watch videos, and sometimes even play demos of the game. You can then give it thumbs-up, or thumbs-down rating. We don’t know exactly how many votes a game needs for Valve to accept it to the store, but I imagine it takes quite a few.

Remember earlier when I said that there were a lot of people wanting their games in the store? At the  time of writing, there are nearly 500 games for you to vote on. Some of them are obviously not even real games. If you submit something like that, you could get yourself banned. One user already found that out the hard way (credit: Reddit).


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