Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 14, 2012

Team Fortress 2 Mann Vs Machine Update Drops Tomorrow

When it comes to Team Fortress 2, the basic concept is pretty simple. RED team fights BLU team, and people collect hats. But what would you say if you saw both of these teams fighting on the same side? You’d probably be wondering what would be so horrible that would have these two groups calling a truce. Well starting tomorrow, it’s happening. And to answer your question, it’s killer robots.

Valve recently announced the Mann vs Machine update, which pits a 6-man co-op team against an army robots that are bent on destroying Mann Co. facilities by deploying rather large bombs in them. You and five of your friends will be able to pick your favorite class to take on this mass of metal monsters.

The robots aren’t simple mindless drones. You’ll be up against everything from your basic bots to special machines with extra-special abilities. Think of them like the specials in Left 4 Dead. Each has their own unique abilities that make them formidable foes.

The matches will consist of waves of bots, with breaks in between. You’ll be able to use this time to upgrade your abilities and weapons. If you manage to stay alive and destroy the incoming enemies, you’ll be able to earn some awesome loot. Look for the update to go live tomorrow, August 15th.


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