Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 9, 2012

Thief 4 Coming To Xbox 720, PS4 Next Year [Rumor]

If you’ve been following the Thief series, then you know that Eidos Montreal has been working on the fourth game for roughly the past four years. It was officially announced way back in 2009, but not a whole lot of information has really come out since then. We do know that it should be running on Unreal Engine 3. And now it looks like it won’t be coming to the Xbox 360 or PS3.

According to their source, Official Xbox Magazine says that the game is instead being developed for next-generation consoles, rather than the current lineup. What’s more, the game should be coming out sometime late next year. Putting two and two together, that would mean that we should be seeing a new console from Microsoft and/or Sony by next year’s holiday season.

This is, of course, still rumor, as Square Enix has made no formal announcements regarding Thief 4’s platforms or release date. I imagine they won’t be saying much until the next gen consoles have been officially announced.


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