Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 23, 2012

Three More Screenshots From GTA V

Earlier this week we showed you three new screens from Grand Theft Auto V. They didn’t tell us a whole lot about the game, though it did pretty much confirm the fact that you’ll be able to fly jets. Well today we’ve got three more screenshots for you. These were posted under the heading of “Leisure.”

The first image depicts two people riding dirt bikes, which hopefully means that we’ll get to have a lot of off-road fun. The second is a simple show depicting a tennis court with a large house and the mountains in the distance. The final image shows someone parachuting over a river. This hopefully means that we’ll get to have fun jumping out of planes and off tall buildings again.

No other messages accompanied the screenshots this time. We’ll let you know if Rockstar releases any other teasers, or gives us an actual release date.


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