Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 6, 2012

Working Fallout 3 Terminal

When playing through Fallout 3, there was something that always bugged me. The people of that world seemed to have developed some pretty advanced technology (robots, virtual reality, laser rifles, etc), but all of their computers used clunky old CRT monitors. However, after a while, they grew on me, and I enjoyed trying to power them on and hack into each one I came across.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you actually found such a terminal in the wild, complete with the same hacking mini game? As it turns out, you can. There is at least one of these in the real world, and it was created by Redditor Mr_Terminal.

The case is made from foam, with a wooden base. Inside you’ll find a Sapphire Mini PC running Ubuntu, an old TV/VCR combo, video converter, power converter and an old keyboard. Mr_Terminal is planning to release the code to run the mini game at some point. You’ll probably want to keep an eye on the original thread, where he plans to post it.


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