Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 10, 2012

Wrath of Kings Miniatures Game At Gen Con 2012 [Gen Con 2012]

Miniatures games are ever-growing in popularity, and more recently they have grown to cover many different genres of content. We’ve got miniatures games for steampunk fans, fantasy fans, scifi fans, and much more. One of the newer miniatures games to release on the market, Wrath of Kings, will be making its first Gen Con appearance this year. There’s been an update that’s hit the net, noting what’s in store for fans of the game who are attending the event.

Wrath of Kings is a 32mm miniatures games set on the continent of Arikania. The game’s storyline runs as such:

The Ancient Kingdom lies in ruins. For millennia, the continent of Arikania languished, isolated and enslaved by demonic elemental overlords, until the Ancient King sacrificed His name and destiny to Bind them, free humanity, and unite the land. Though He ruled for over a thousand years, even He could not live forever, and His own Scions have wrecked His legacy.

The five Scion Kingdoms have their own views of what Arikania should be, and they’ve mastered different forms of technology and magic in their pursuit of victory. Each nation, led by the scion’s noble house at its heart, will change Arikania forever – if they do not destroy it in the process.

Basically players choose from one of the five factions in the game – Teknes, Sharl Han, Hadross, Goritsi and Nasier – and build armies with which to do battle. Then they come together and wage war upon one another for supreme victory and the right to shape Arikania in their own way.

The update specifies that, while the core rulebook for the game is still in production, the rules have been ironed out enough so that demos of the game can and will take place at the Coll Minis or Not booths (1431, 1531, 1631).

For any players who want to check out the game, Cool Minis or Not has a nice array of the resin miniatures available for purchase at their booths. They will be in limited supply, so they’re at a first-come-first-serve basis. Here’s some of the models that will be available:

House Hadross, Deep Caller
House Shael Han, The Deathbloom
House Shael Han, Champion
House Nasier, Elsis Tagil the Wail of War
House Goritsi, Blood Dancer
House Goritsi, Skorza Skirmisher
House Teknes, Sorik the Unfinished
House Teknes, Union Boss

If you’re a minis fan and are looking for something new, be sure to check out the Wrath of Kings at Gen Con 2012 next week. So far the minis look awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing more about the game. Knowledge of it right now is a bit scarce, so demoing the game at Gen Con would be a great way to learn and see it for yourself.


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