Posted by Chuck Corbin on Aug 24, 2012

Your Xbox 360 Is To Become The 2012 Election Headquarters

Parents, is your kid constantly glued to their Xbox 360? Are you having trouble getting them to pay attention to the world around them? Are you not sick of the 2012 election quite yet? Well I have some good news for you!

Microsoft announced yesterday that starting on August 27th Xbox Live members will be able to access the Election 2012 hub. Besides giving you NBC news coverage, you’ll also be able to obtain information about the candidates, vote in daily polls and hear live coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions, as well as the presidential debates! What’s more, if your kid is 18, you can even get them registered to vote through their console!

You know, this really is a good idea. Even though some people might not bother to check out the app, if it catches the attention of one person and makes them a better informed individual, then I think it has done its job. And that, my friends, makes for a better democracy.


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