Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 26, 2012

And The First Steam Greenlight Title Is McPixel

Steam’s Greenlight program allows users to vote for their favorite title among many and push them through to pick up a spot on the for sale listing on the digital platform. There have been tons of titles competing for their right to be full-fledged games for sale, and after a long battle we’ve gotten our first official game from the program. What’s that title you ask? Well that would be McPixel, of course.

McPixel is a game in which the player takes part in 100 different scenarios where they have 20 seconds to “prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools.” It boasts old-school pixilated graphics and some down-home fun all at the same time. You’ll see yourself on a farm, in the forest, having some fun by the pool, and even visiting cave men! Also, there seems to be a lot of screens that show off groin kicks, so that’s always a plus.

You can grab McPixel right now via Steam for $4.99. It’s not super expensive, and it’ll provide plenty of fun and entertainment for the price. Who wouldn’t want to save the day by groin-kicking people? I know I would!


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