Posted by Jesse Wilkes on Sep 20, 2012

Black Ops II Zombies Announced

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies, World Premier 9/26/12

Treyarch announced yesterday that their upcoming addition to the Call of Duty franchise will feature the long running Zombies mode. Black Ops II, until now, has been kept under wraps about a potential Zombies mode for some time, with fans left only to speculate that the fan-favorite mode would return. While we’ll have to wait until September 26th for the official world premiere, we can bide our time with the brand-new video preview of the mode, released alongside the announcement.

The first unusual detail is the bus the video is centered around. While I’m no master detective, I’d wager that we can expect to be fighting the undead on or around a bus, possibly a nice change of pace in the mode’s mechanics. Through two revisions Zombies, it’s become a bit repetitive, so change is plenty welcome. While what this does for the standard Zombies format is yet to be seen, I doubt Treyarch would knowingly do away with the bread and butter of their mode.

While it was certainly expected that Treyarch would revive the mode, this news was probably met with relief. Since World at War, Call of Duty has featured a common mode triangle consisting of Campaign, Multiplayer, and either Infinity Ward’s Spec Ops, or Treyarch’s Zombies. Seeing the studio’s unique addition to the series return is a welcome sight. Expect to blast through baddies, zombies, and other players alike this November 13, 2012.

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