Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Sep 24, 2012

Cinders- The Cinderella You Thought You Knew

Many of us enjoy a good fairytale every now and then, but the endings always feel a bit obvious. Protagonist faces difficulties, everything seems hopeless, then everything turns out fine with a “happily ever after” tacked on the end. Sometimes you wonder what those classic characters would be like if they had to face real world problems.

MoaCube is a group of indie game developers whose only mission is to make good games. One of these awesome games is Cinders. This Cinderella-inspired visual novel takes a more serious approach to a fantasy story. This doesn’t have the ending you would expect, and will change depending on how you play the game.

This is more of a story about four women, and what made them who they are. There are 120 decision points, and over 300 options that you can pick from over the course of the game. The artwork is simply amazing, and it has a snazzy soundtrack to boot. This game costs $22.95, and looks like it would be worth every cent.


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