Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 4, 2012

CoD: Black Ops II Won’t Run On Windows XP

Windows XP has been around for nearly 11 years, and yet it’s still in use by nearly a third of computer users all over the world. Despite the security flaws inherent in an 11 year old system, and the fact that it hasn’t been able to support the latest in DirectX technology since DirectX 10 came out almost 6 years ago people still seem to refuse to upgrade to a newer, more stable setup. In this group, there are bound to be a few gamers, and I’m afraid that they’ll finally have to bite the bullet and upgrade pretty soon if they want to continue playing the newest games.

Black Ops II will no longer be supported on the XP operating system. The reason why it won’t be supported on XP is because of the fact that they’ve decided upgrade the game engine to DirectX 11, which XP definitely can’t support. In other words, Activision is moving on into the future, and isn’t going to limit itself to the old relics (well, technology wise, but that’s a different story…) any longer.

Activision also pointed out that the move to DirectX11 will allow the game to do the same amount of work as the DirectX 9 API but in less CPU cycles. By streamlining the process, you can get a better looking game without sacrificing speed as you might in DirectX 9. I’ll admit, though, in the end I have to wonder just how many people still use XP to do any modern day gaming? My guess is anybody who’s still using XP to game with isn’t going to be using it much longer…


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