Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 19, 2012

Fantasy Flight Reveals Runewars Revised Edition

The team at Fantasy Flight games has continued their train of awesome gaming announcements today with the reveal of Runewars Revised Edition. This new edition of a classic board game will add many new features to an already great title.

In Runewars two to four players take each other on in a game of battles and area control where they fight to gather resources, raise armies, and lay waste to heavily fortified cities. The revised edition will be releasing later this year, coming in a new and improved compact box. There are some key component changes that allows for the game to become more playable than it has been before.

If you happen to own the older edition of the game, you don’t need to run out and purchase an upgrade kit. In fact, there’s no conversion kit available and there won’t be. The new features and changes to the game are purely cosmetic. As for the updated rules, they can be downloaded in a free .pdf from the Fantasy Flight support page when it comes available.

Now, as for the list of new features and changes, here’s what you can expect with the new revised edition of Runewars:

  • The revised edition comes in an 11 5/8 x 11 5/8 x 4 inch box, about half the size of the original edition.
  • Faction sheets in the revised edition are no longer punchboard, but instead heavy card stock.
  • Map tiles that are too long for the revised edition’s box size have been split, with puzzle-cut connection points in the middle for quick assembly during setup.

These new features may seem minute, but they’ll surely add plenty to the overall game. With easier setup time and cleaner components, Runewars Revised Edition will be that much easier and accessible with each play. Something else to note is that where the original game retailed at around $100, the revised edition will be sold for $74.95.


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