Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 18, 2012

Guild Wars 2 For Mac Confirmed, In Beta

NCsoft has just announced that Guild Wars 2 will indeed be coming to the Mac. A lot of MMO fans out there have been waiting to see if the game would make it to Apple’s platform, and the day has come. The developers are still working out some kinks, but at least we’ve gotten confirmation.

Guild Wars 2’s Mac version goes into beta testing today. Those who will be testing the game in these stages will be playing alongside PC players, though, due to the beta being connected to the game’s live servers. That’s not a problem is it? The more players the better!

In order to get into the Mac beta you can pre-purchase a copy of the game and then use your game code to unlock the Mac client. This will allow you to download it and hop right into the game. AreaNet has taken up arms with TransGaming to make use of the Cider technology that helps translate content between operating systems. As the game continues to grow the updates releasing for it will be available for both Mac and PC simultaneously according to NCsoft. It will still take some time to get the MMO official on the new system, but that’s what patience is for.


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